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The New College Rules

Old Rule 

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New Rule 

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This article is the first in my series entitled " The New College Rules". Getting into the "right" college used to be viewed as the ultimate status symbol.  Now, however, there is a prize even more highly coveted than the admissions offer: the first job offer.  Unfortunately, for an increasing number of college graduates, including those from highly selective colleges, it is more elusive than ever.  Today the competition is guelingly intense, both for admission to upper tier schools and for decent paying jobs afterward.  After all the hard work  and financial sacrifice that goes into earning a colege degree , many students graduate with diploma in hand ( often after 5-6 years of college due to lack of planning and indecision)  only to find themselves facing a mountain of financial debt and unemployment.  For those that are finding jobs, many are discovering that they cannot command salaries high enough to justify the cost of earning the degree.


 This series,  inspired by the  insighful information  presented in the book  The New College Reality by Bonnie Kerrigan Snyder is designed to shed light on the outdated conventional college wisdom, "the OLD rules" and guide students and their parents to strategically choose a college, course of study, an find a job in a rewarding field that will allow them financial independence,  "the NEW rules "  To learn more on this subject and other helpful information, visit my resources page. 

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