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Student/ Parent Resources


Staying current on educational practices can be daunting for parents and students.  We are pleased to offer

 you this helpful list of resources, research, and reading suggestions.  


1.  Career Coaching for Students™Student Resource Central™  the premier metasite for     career and education  exploration resource portal on the web. Caution: once you             enter this site, you will never leave! A wealth of information all in one place!


2. Click here to request a complimentary talent assessment (parents only), take the               assessment and recieve your own talent  report with incredibly accurate insights. We     like to refer to the report as a "parent user manual" for your kids to enjoy. This                 report includes insights such as how best to commmunicate with you... yes, really.


3.   Articles:

     5 Reasons it makes sense for parents to invest in career exploration for their high             school students.

      4 Ways to prepare for a career while you are still in college ( or high school!)

      When your college student changes majors.

      What are the graduation rates for students obtaining a bachelor's degree?



4.  Educational Research


     ACT publication: Students with early defined career goals have higher GPA, test              scores, employment rates and job satisfaction 










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