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Q.  Isn't my student getting career counseling in high school?


A.   Unfortunately, in high schools where counselors are often the primary source of                          information about college, each one is responsible for an overwhelming nationwide                  average of 239 students, according to the NACA.  Subsequently, most high school                         counselors are forced to focus on course planning and college admissions and do not have             the available one-on-one time required for the proper career exploration process. 


        Additionally, most high schools and universities are still using outdated and inneffective 

        assessments that have been scientifically proven to be inaccurate such as Meyers-Briggs.              See links below to read the facts.


        Measuring the MBTI... And Coming Up Short by David J. Pittenger*




Q.  What age should students start career exploration?


A.   Ideally, freshman year of high school is the perfect time to start the formal                                  process of identifying potential interests and carer paths .  Our assessment is written at            an 8th grade reading level.  Research shows that motivators and behaviors, while they              may continue to evolve, are for the most part develped by age 15. But it is never too                late! Career counseling can be helpful and beneficial through adulthood.  A common              parent reaction to our program is  "I wish I had an opportunity to experience this in high        school!"

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