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Julie Brewer


Compass Discoveries


Julie is a certified career counselor (GCDF) with a master's degree in education and over 15 years of teaching experience. She has worked with hundreds of students at the University of Texas and high schools across the country to identify, appreciate and utilize their strengths and talents.  Using a proven innovative student career coaching program, Julie works with students and parents to develop a meaningful and successful career and education plan. Trained in advanced assessment and career exploration facilitation using the Career Coaching for Students™ methodology, Julie founded Compass Discoveries in 2015.


"Throughout my career working with children and young adults,  I have recognized that while every student brings their own unique gifts and strengths, our currrent educational system rewards and recognizes only a small percentage of those talents (such as the ability to perform well on standardized tests).  When a student is encouraged to identify their strengths, and discover opportunities to use those talents, they  begin to see their future with optimism, excitement, and purpose.  Research proves the vast majority of students are not receiving enough support and guidance in choosing high potential careers during high school and early college years.  The Career Coaching for Students™ program is the most comprehensive and innovative program available.  Until students are recieving the in-depth career exploration they need as part of the curriculum,  I feel compelled to make it available to my clients."

Compass Discoveries Career Coaching for Students, Coaching, Career, Counseling, Hinsdale, Finding Purpose, After High School, Julie Brewer

Career Coaching for Students™ Program Mission


  • To be the most effective student career guidance system and planning tool for students, parents, professionals and schools


  • To positively affect student self-awareness, esteem and decision making skills


  • To motivate students to proactively plan and execute steps to achieve their full potential in life


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TTI Success Insights Assessment


We believe all people have unique talents and skills of which they are often unaware. We exist to reveal and harness this talent. For over 30 years, we have researched and applied social and brain science, creating behavioral assessments consultants all over the world use to hire, develop and retain the best talent in the world.




"Julie has the gift of helping others find their strenghts and discover their own potential and career path.  Her knowledge of the world and her super-power networking skills are valuable for anyone who has the privelage of learning from her." 

Judi P / Recent college graduate

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note about the Career Coaching for Students program that my son and I attended. With my son being a freshman, it was my hope that [he] would just come away from this program with enough information to begin thinking about his future and become more motivated about his high school studies. The results…

far exceeded my expectations. He came away with a real excitement and a good idea of what he thinks he wants to do for a living when he grows up. More importantly, it gave him a practical look at the degree program(s) he would need to pursue to get into this career and also showed him the colleges he would need to go to that offer this type of degree program.

I know he may change his mind about the specific career he chooses before he graduates, but I think that he now has a clearer purpose for what he needs to accomplish in high school to pursue his interests. That’s exactly what I hoped he would gain from this. I can't recommend strongly enough that all of the high school students take this program if possible. Anyway, I just wanted to give you some feedback and thank you for offering this program for my son to take advantage of."


Parent of high school freshman 

"This program meant a lot to me personally.  It helped me find myself and makes me feel more prepared for the future.  Iam now confident about a job I would like, and know what to do to qualify, and be more able. I am glad I got to work with Julie, an appreciate what she has done for me. It was very exciting and meaningful development. 


Sadie  / High School Sophomore.

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